The best solution to evaluate the real impact of efforts to reduce CO2 emissions

Based on automatic analysis of open data and in-depth knowledge of the European power makets.

Powered by AI

The behavior of more than 500 thermal power plants in Europe is screened daily by automatic algorithms to produce detailed statistics.

Out of the box available  forecasts  of key drivers on the power system all over Europe

Emission forecast, power prices, wind and solar production, power plant strike prices for 20 regions in 13 countries in Europe.

All API documentation is available on Swagger

Full access to API and documentation is reserved to members only.

What is the cost of the service?

Our pricing is adapted to the size of your clients portfolio. You can request a demo here for a concrete quotation for your business.

What is the service uptime?

Our standard offer does not provide guarantees on service uptimes. Nevertheless, in the last 2 years our service has only been down for 3 to 4 days per year.

What is the quality of the forecast?

Our model is recalibrated weekly. Estimated quality of our forecast can be provided on demand per technology and per region. Our members receive regular quality reports of passed periods.

Is there a free service available?

Our forecast is published in a free APP available on App Store and Google Play in France and Belgium. Further coverage will depend on interests and financial support.

What are the regions covered by the marginal CO2 forecast service?

The detailed list of regions covered by our forecast covers the following ENTSOE bidding zones:



DK_1, DK_2

How can I contact eFlower?

To contact eFlower you can request a demo here or send an e-mail to

Can the forecast be geographically more precise?

Our forecasts are calculated by balancing zones or bidding zones controlled by the regional Transmission System Operators for which transparent information is published. The Transmission System Operators, on these zones, have the responsibility to ensure real time equilibrium between offer and demand in the power system. Our modeling strives to estimate the conditions in which a specific production technology, inside that area, will be called by the TSO to solve imbalanced situations.  

Are imports and exports taken into account?

The impact of importation and exportation of power is indirectly taken into account in the modeling through the use of the wholesale power market as reference to estimate the marginal running technology in the area. The wholesale power market is influenced by imports and exports.

Why can we say that the algorithm calculates the real impact of electricity consumption?

A modification of consumption behavior at a given time will directly impact the marginal producing unit in the balancing area, upward when consumption increases or downward when consumption decreases. By anticipating the marginal technology, generating electricity, at a given time, a difference in CO2 emissions from one technology to another can be calculated to estimate the real impact of a shift in consumption and the efforts to reduce consumption. 

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