Market Insights

Access real-time strike price estimations

With more than 500 thermal power plants in Europe, improve your trading performances with better understanding of market fundamentals.


Follow up the competition and the key drivers of the power market in real time

As asset-backed power trader, improve your bidding strategies on the wholesale power markets, reserve tendering and auctioning process.

Detailed statistics generated by more than 15 years experienced fleet optimizer

Get complete support for interpretation and in depth understanding of competition behavior. Training can be provided on request.

More than 500 thermal power plants across Europe

Real time strike price estimation per power plant, correlation index, yearly running hours, start-up times and many more information available in the blink of an eye.

Access the data through our standard REST API

We forecast daily strike prices of more than 500 power plants accross 13 countries in Europe.

Integrate directly

REST API is the reference technology for easy integration in all your IT systems

Historical data files

Our database enables to access all historical data

Tailor made solutions

Our team helps you develop and design the best use cases for your business

Why us?

Good for your clients

Highly empower their efforts with concrete feedback

Good for your business

Improve your power sourcing and valorize the flexibility

Good for the planet

Onboard all the stakeholders behind a common goal

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